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Worship & Music

What is Worship:

The essence of biblical worship is an intense inner, Godward experience of the heart that leads the believer to outwardly and consciously reflect the worth and value of God in word and deed, both individually and corporately.

Our Desire:

At Calvary, we desire to express our worship to an audience of one – our Lord Jesus Christ. We do that in our singing, in our praying, in our giving and in listening to the Word of God preached. Our intent is that He gets all of our attention as we gather as His body.

What about the music:

Music is important in helping us focus on Him. The songs we sing will reflect His character, His attributes, His work and His grandeur. We sing the great hymns of the faith and we sing the songs of newer generations that exalt our Lord Jesus and center on Him. Our worship leaders, musicians, our choir and soloists help lead us to this one end.

Stirring One Another in Worship:

Our desire in worship is to also lead God’s people to the throne room of His mercy and grace, knowing that only He can meet our deeper need and transform us into the glorious image of His Son. Both the Spirit of God and the truth of His Word are vital as we worship Him.

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