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Discipleship Training

At Calvary Baptist Church in 2017, we are going to launch a Discipleship Training Module using the International Mission Board's Word on Life Program.  

Here is what the IMB has to say regarding their program:

Develop and Deepen Discipleship Routines in Community.

Word on Life is an interactive, mentored discipleship survey of the New Testament to help global disciple makers develop or deepen habits of obedience in being and making disciples. Together with God’s people, in God’s Word, and with God’s Spirit deepen your spiritual life and grow with others in obedience, learn to reach out and make disciples across cultural barriers, walk through a guided and mentored Bible-based discipleship, and develop or strengthen basic healthy spiritual habits.

The purpose of the International Mission Board is to train people in cross-cultural ministry.  While it is our prayer that that does indeed happen through our training, our main purpose in using this training is to equip the saints in what it means to both be a disciple of Jesus as well as what it means to go and make disciples.  The hope is to launch this program the week of Sunday, January 22nd.  

Who can do this training:

Any member of the church can do this training.  Part of doing this training is leading to obedience in faith.  Therefore, it is crucial that we encourage people to have already come to faith in Jesus and been obedient in both baptism and joining the local church here at Calvary.  

What does the training require:

The training requires that 5 days a week for about 6 months you keep up with daily reading and answering some reflection questions and take the go and do challenges to heart.  Then, every other week, we will gather as a group, discuss how the reading has been at work in our lives, any success in reaching out to make disciples, as well as challenges.  We will pray together for these opporunities that we have had and are hoping to have.  We will encourage and challenge one another in these areas as well.

What about children:

While the training is not focused on children, we do want to encourage that children are able to be present as we do the training.  We can either take turns watching the children in a corner of the room or all pitch in and do life together in that.  This concept shows what others around the world do in house churches, and we welcome the opportunity to do life together in this way.

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