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Children's Ministry

At Calvary we are excited about ministering to children because Jesus was excited about ministering to children! We have clear Biblical instruction to be passionate about teaching the Truth of God’s life-changing Word, to the next generation. We embrace this ministry, not only within the family at Calvary, but also actively, to the children of our community. We echo the words of Jesus, to “Let the little children come!”

On Sunday mornings, we provide Children’s Church for children ages 4-8. Our aim is to share the gospel with the children and see them come to know the love of our Savior. In addition to the Gospel, we teach the Word of God for application in their lives and on their level. We do not intend to take the place of parental teaching and example, but to assist and confirm what parents are teaching through the week.

Children’s Church will take place while the parents are in the Sunday morning Worship Service. It will be a time of singing, teaching, and crafts and games appropriated for the children. It is a privilege to help parents with the teaching and growth of their children and we want to help in the spiritual development of the children as they begin to mature in Christ.

Also, on Wednesday evenings, we minister to our children and the children of the community through our "Sonseekers" program. We begin at 6:30 PM until 7:45. Our focus is on the character of God and the Gospel. Our teachers take the children through the Word of God from creation to the cross. We use a 3 year program developed by a mission organization to use in remote places where the people have never heard of Jesus.


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